Here are tips that your child can follow to keep herself safe online.

She should NEVER give out their personal information online. She should never give anyone her whole name, address, social security number, bank account or phone number on the internet, in email, in an instant message or in a chat room.

He should not use his real names in his screen name. And he shouldn’t include his age or his hometown in the name either. He may think his screen name is super creative, but if it says too much about him, people may be able to find out more about him then he thinks.

She should keep her password to yourself. Her password is your key. She should always protect her password.

His parents and/or he should actually read the rules and privacy options for websites that let him connect with others online. Others let anyone who come to the site check out everything. No matter which kind of site he’s on, he should find out if he can restrict his information so that it can only be seen by the people he chooses.

She should only share stuff online that she doesn’t mind anyone else seeing. Anyone can use the internet and most people do. That includes her parents, friends' parents, teachers, and anyone else. If she wants her information to stay private, she shouldn’t post it online. Once she does post something online, she needs to understand that it stays online. She can delete something she’s typed or posted from a site, but people can get to older versions of that site where her info still exists.

He shouldn’t download anything if he doesn’t know who it's from. Downloads can give your computer viruses, mess up his applications and even cause his email server to send messages with his name on them to people you don't know.

She should keep her online friendships online. If she meets someone online and that person wants to meet her in person, she should tell an adult. If she does end up meeting face to face, she should bring a parent or another close adult with her.

And, of course, if he ever feels unsafe, he should tell an adult.

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